The Best Reasons To Keep Up Scheduled Motorcycle Maintenance

Owning a motorcycle means you have the responsibility of ensuring your bike in is good working condition at all times. Several aspects of motorcycle care include those you provide for increasing safer riding. Maintenance also helps you to save money by avoiding more expensive problems.

Storing Away Your Bike For Winter

If you do not ride your motorcycle during the winter, properly storing it is essential for you to ride it the following spring. Draining the fuel tank before storing your bike is important to avoid engine problems in the spring. If you try to crank a bike that has stale fuel in it, the trash and contamination in the fuel can cause the carburetor to become clogged. The carburetor is necessary for your fuel system to function properly.

Chain Lubrication Can Save Your Life

If you don't maintain chain lubrication on your motorcycle, the chain could break and cause you to have a serious accident. The chain is a vital part of your bike's drive train; if it locks up or breaks, you have greater chances of losing control of the bike. If you worry about your chain, visiting an experienced motorcycle mechanic is a good idea.

Tire Blowouts On Motorcycles Can Be Deadly

Never leave your bike parked on asphalt during long term storage. The petrochemicals in asphalt can cause the rubber in your tires to break down and dry rot. The last thing you need is a blowout while riding your motorcycle because of dry rotted tire material. Park your bike on plastic sheeting to minimize your tires long term exposure to asphalt chemicals. Doing so will help you avoid the need for new tires in the spring. Remember also to store your bike in a place that is easy to provide temperature and light control as well.    

Cleaning Up Your Bike

Keeping the parts on your bike free of dirt and debris is extremely important. The grit in sand and dirt can wear away engine parts if left unchecked. Anytime you get your bike dirty, especially on those days you get caught in the rain, be sure to take the time to thoroughly wash it before parking it. Making cleaning a regular part of your bike care can help you to avoid more expensive repairs in the future.        

Nothing compares to the feeling of being out on the open road on your bike, especially when it is running at optimum performance levels. By taking time to inspect and provide regular maintenance repairs, you can look forward to riding your bike for many years to come instead of making one expensive repair after another while it sits parked. For more information, contact a motorcycle repair shop like Naples Harley-Davidson.