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Avoid These Five Driving Mistakes That Can Decrease Gas Mileage

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When you’re in the market for a new Toyota or other vehicle, finding a model with a high gas mileage offers a huge advantage. Efficient vehicles are less expensive to drive and leave you feeling more responsible when it comes to doing your part to protect the environment and reduce pollution. However, many drivers are reducing their vehicle’s gas mileage every day without realizing it. The following are five mistakes that you might be making that could undermine all the effort you’ve put into finding a vehicle with a high gas mileage: Neglecting maintenance Many routine maintenance tasks like oil changes and tire replacements have a huge impact on vehicle efficiency. If you neglect maintenance, your engine will have to work harder to get your vehicle going. This will inevitably lead to higher-than-necessary fuel consumption. Leaving unnecessary luggage and other items in your vehicle Any extra weight in your vehicle will detract from gas mileage. If you’re leaving heavy items in your car and driving around with them, you’re unnecessarily reducing the efficiency of your vehicle. Remember that the gas mileage given for your vehicle assumes that you are not carrying any excessive loads. Empty out your car after every trip to make sure you’re always getting the best possible fuel economy for your vehicle model.  Idling your vehicle unnecessarily If you’re driving in the winter time, it’s a good idea to give your vehicle a few minutes to heat up before you get going. However, be careful not to overdo it. While your vehicle idles, it consumes gas. In fact, a vehicle consumes the same amount of gas when it idles for two minutes that it consumes when it drives one mile. Turn your engine off rather than leaving your car idling for an excessively long period of time to avoid wasting gas.  Sitting in traffic If you want to maximize gas efficiency in your vehicle, you might want to put a little more thought into the routes you’re taking. By planning things out so that you avoid sitting in traffic, you’ll get better gas mileage. Your engine continues to run and consume gas while you sit in traffic. If you avoid sitting in traffic, you’ll avoid consuming gas unnecessarily and you’ll maximize your gas mileage.  Driving too fast Every vehicle has a particular optimal speed at which it consumes fuel most efficiently. As a general rule, this optimal speed is between 55 and 60 miles per hour. This means that you’re probably getting a lower gas mileage if you’re frequently traveling at faster speeds. Pay attention to your speedometer and slow down if you want to get the most mileage out of your vehicle’s gas...

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Signs Your Brakes Should Be Inspected

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You should have your brakes inspected regularly. The Car Care Council has deemed the month of August annually as Brake Safety Awareness Month. That is such a great reminder to keep all vehicles up to par and keep the highways safer. During that time of year when cold weather is emerging, and schools are beginning the fall session, is a perfect time for awareness. Here are some of the warning signs you will notice when it is time for the repair shop. Signs Light Noise Grabbing Hard Pedal Low Pedal Pulling Vibration Brake Pads Inspect the thickness of the brake pads that will push down on the rotors to know when they begin to wear thin. You will see a metal rotor inside the wheel spokes where the metal caliper is located. The pad will be found between the rotor and the caliper. If the pads are less than ¼ inch, it is recommended to have them changed. You may need to remove the tire to check the pads on some vehicles. The rotor should be smooth without any pits or grooves. Noise The sensor will produce a severe grinding sound to indicate you have used all of the brake pad. The calipers are crunching against the rotor’s metal. You can further damage the rotor, and may also have difficulty stopping the car. It is advised to replace the pads before it becomes essential to resurface the rotor from damages. Pulling A brake hose may be collapsed if you experience pulling of the brakes because the calipers may not be able to move evenly. Also, you may not have even brake pads. This can cause unequal pressure on different wheels. It may also be poor alignment, worn/inflated tires, or a suspension problem. Pedal Issues If the pedal goes to the floor, there might be a brake fluid line leaking or air in the line. Check this by placing cardboard under the vehicle overnight to see if there is a leak. The fluid should appear clear. If the brake grabs with even the minor touch, the fluid may have some moisture in it causing contamination. It may be a good idea to have the fluid changed. It is an inexpensive procedure, but it may eliminate the problem. These are some of the issues you may experience if it is time for the brakes to be inspected. It is always safer to spend the money on maintenance instead of having problems that may cause injury to you or other drivers on the highway. To learn more, speak with a business like Benchmark Motors...

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4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Car

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Being able to get where you need to will require you to have the vehicle you can rely on driving. This can be a significant expense, so you may want to consider getting a used car. The benefits of doing so will include saving money each month on your payment. Knowing specific things to consider before making a large purchase of this type can be helpful to you.   Set a Budget It’s important to stick to the allotted amount of money you have in your budget for a used car. Doing so will help you avoid getting a payment that is simply too high for you to make and could cause you to be too low on money when it comes to other items you must have. Studies indicate that you should consider making at least a 20% down payment for a used car. This will be beneficial for keeping your monthly payments within reach, as well. Get a report When you purchase a used car, you can get a report on the history of this vehicle. This will allow you to know who the previous owners may have been and the actual miles on the car. Additionally, if the car is involved in an accident, this will be listed in the report. It’s important to know if a car has ever been declared a total loss and then restored because this could impact the condition of the vehicle. Go for a drive Regardless of how good a car looks, you will want to ensure it offers you a smooth ride. Take the time to drive a vehicle before making the purchase to help you make the best individual decision. Additionally, be sure to take the car to a mechanic for a thorough inspection. This can help you find any expensive problems that must be addressed before buying it. Consider financing There are various places you can choose for financing your used car. Shopping around can help you secure the lowest interest rate, and this will save you money in the long-term. Inquire about rates at your bank or credit union and compare these to what is offered through your dealership for the lowest one. Having a used car, you can depend on to get around town is ideal for numerous reasons. Be sure to consult with your used car dealership to assist you in finding the ideal one to meet your individual...

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Find Your Own Path, Skip The Minivan

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Many couples want to have children and grow their family, but they don’t want to get stuck with a minivan. The cultural associations with that vehicle just rub them the wrong way. Minivans are beneficial because they can hold seven to eight people. However, you can also seat seven people in a large mid-size car such as a Nissan Pathfinder, found at places like Western Avenue Nissan. Learning the ins and outs of a certain make and model will help you make and informed decision about whether the Pathfinder is the right car for you. Check out the following features that will allow the Pathfinder to grow with your family. Hitch and Towing Capability Start off by making sure that you get a hitch on your Pathfinder. This SUV is able to tow up to 5,000 pounds. But it can’t do that towing if it doesn’t have a hitch. If the hitch is not already on the car then get the dealership to install a Class III hitch as part of the purchase negotiation. Hitches that fall into Class I or Class II are not going to be strong enough for your vehicle.  Once you have your hitch on your car you can load up your bikes and go to the local bike trail with your family. Or you can install a storage container on the back for long road trips across the country. You can even pull a trailer when you move from your apartment to your first home. Try the Seats Make sure that you try out all three rows of seats in the Pathfinder. The front two rows are extremely comfortable for adults, but you may want to try out the third row to make sure it meets your expectations. The Pathfinder does have the benefit of a sliding second row. You simply push a button to move the second row forward, allowing easier access to the third row without compromising on seating space. The second row will still be able to slide forward when a car seat is attached using the LATCH system. You won’t have to pull the car seat out of the car in order for your older children to get in the back row.  Top of the Line Safety Features come Standard One of the most reassuring features to many parents is the backup camera. Too many parents have nightmares of accidentally running over a child that snuck out of the house to say good-bye to Mommy or Daddy. The backup camera gives you peace of mind because you can see everything that is behind you. Usually you would expect to have to pay extra or get a top-of-the-line model in order to have the backup camera, but it comes standard in all Pathfinder...

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Checking A Used Car’s Safety Systems: All About Airbags

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When looking for a used car, one thing that is frequently overlooked is the condition of the airbag. Most buyers assume that the airbag is in good working order, but that may not always be the case. Unscrupulous sellers have been known to sell cars that have faulty airbags or no airbag at all: How to Tell if the Airbag Has Been Deployed First, ask the seller pointed questions about accidents the car has been involved in. Some vehicle sellers will provide a copy of the vehicle history report, or you can purchase one yourself from a service. Your mechanic can also tell you if the airbag has been deployed, even if it has been cleverly disguised. Inspect The Airbag Cover The airbag cover splits when the airbag is deployed. This can be repaired, so check the cover carefully by sight and feel for unevenness. Also look for any signs the cover has been repainted. A repainted cover will look newer than the rest of the interior. The cover should have the manufacturer’s emblem as well as the letters SRS on it. The lack of these logos may indicate that the cover is simply cosmetic and there is no airbag. Inspect the Dashboard Both the driver’s side and passenger side airbags deploy at the same time, and the passenger side airbag splits the dash. Look for signs that the dashboard has been replaced or repaired. Engage the Airbag Indicator Light To check the airbag indicator light, the key should be turned to the first position. This will turn on all the indicator lights and check them automatically. The airbag light should come on and go back out quickly. If it stays on or starts flashing, there is an airbag problem. How To Read the Flashing Lights The flashing lights indicate codes. There are 53 airbag diagnostic codes. The light will flash a certain number of times, then pause and flash again. Write down the number of flashes for each, for example, 2 flashes then 1 is code 21, which indicates the airbag may not be properly mounted. Your mechanic will have a list of all the codes and be able to tell you exactly what is wrong when he inspects the car. Repairing or replacing an airbag system is best done by a specialist, and can be costly, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. A reputable used car dealer will not try to deceive you about the condition of the car you are purchasing, especially the safety features. A car is an investment, so spending the money to have your own mechanic check the car before you sign on the dotted line is the best way to protect yourself. To learn more, contact a company like Kar Connection if you have other...

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Determining The Best Down Payment Amount For A Used Car

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If you’re thinking about buying a used car and don’t plan on paying for it in full, then you’re probably in the process of saving up for a down payment. A down payment benefits you in numerous ways; for starters, it lessens the amount you need to borrow, which can shorten the term of your loan and reduce your monthly payments. Furthermore, a down payment provides some buffer against depreciation in your car’s value. So, how can you know what type of down payment is right for you? What’s Your Credit Like? Start by considering your credit score. This will have a major impact on what kind of an auto loan you’ll be able to get approved for. If you’re not sure of your credit score, you can obtain a free copy from any of the major reporting bureaus. If you have a higher credit score, you may be able to get approved for a used car loan with no down payment required. If you have a less-than-ideal credit score, however, then you may want to save up for a larger down payment so that you don’t have to request as much financing. Do You Have a Trade? Another consideration to keep in mind when determining your appropriate down payment amount is whether or not you have a car to trade in. In so, then any trade-in you make will be automatically deducted from the total cost of your car, much like the down payment. If the car you’re trading in is worth 10% of your new (used) car’s value, then you may not need to make any additional down payment. If you’re only going to get a couple hundred dollars for your trade or you don’t have a trade, however, then you may need to make a larger up-front payment What Rebates Are Available? Finally, consider any rebates or incentives that the used car dealership may be offering you. Some dealerships will offer a certain amount back on your purchase, which is actually just an amount deducted from your total sale price. Rebates and incentives may reduce your need for a down payment, but if you’re financially able, you should still make one. After all, this will reduce the total amount you owe on your car, which will also decrease the amount you pay in interest over time. Ultimately, you and your dealer will need to work out a down payment option that works best for you. In the meantime, however, asking yourself these questions should get you on the right...

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Tips for Taking Your Jeep Off-road for the First Time

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Taking your car off-road can be an exciting way to spend an afternoon, but many people have never had the pleasure of taking their Jeep off road before. Considering that these vehicles were originally designed to be off-road vehicles, it should be no surprise that this is a common desire for many Jeep owners. However, if you have never done this before, there is a strong chance that you should follow these two tips to help ensure you avoid getting your vehicle stuck in an isolated area.  Test Your Car on Inclines Many new off-road drivers are poor at judging whether their car can make it up a particular incline. This is easily understandable given that your vehicle’s traction will be heavily degraded by being on rough soil. As a result, if you are not careful, it is easy to get your car stuck between two hills, and it can be very expensive to have the car freed from this predicament.  To help avoid this problem, you should take your car to an easily accessible area that will allow you to practice driving the car up and down off-road hills. If you do not have a suitable area for this on your property, there are many different off roading parks that will allow you to do this for a small fee.  Consider Installing a Winch While practicing going up hills can help you avoid getting trapped, it is still possible for your car to become trapped in mud or loose sand. When this happens, there may be almost no way for you to manually free the car. However, you can avoid this routine problem by adding a winch to your Jeep.  A winch is a special pulley chain that is attached to the front of the vehicle. If you get stuck, you can tie one end of chain to a nearby station object and use the pulley to move the car out of the problem area. While this may seem excessive, it can save you from having to pay for an expensive off-road towing service.  Taking your Jeep off roading is something that you may have always wanted to do. However, driving off of the pavement is a vastly different experience than driving on pavement. If you were unsure of this because you want to avoid problems, following these two simple tips can help you ensure that your experience going off road is as enjoyable and problem-free as possible. For more information, contact Expressway...

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Is It Time To Replace Your Brake Pads?

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As your brake pads begin to wear down, they will supply you with several different warning signs that, unless you take action soon, you could find yourself dealing with brake failure. In most cases, the very last of these warning signs will be to trigger the brake light on your dashboard. Unfortunately, far too many people wait until this light comes on in order to take action. In many cases, this is because individuals simply are unaware of what other warning signs they should be looking for. Below you will learn more about these early warning signs so that you can quickly determine whether or not it is time to replace your brake pads. Listen For The Squeak Nearly all modern brake pads are now manufactured with what is known as a metallic wear sensor. The purpose of this sensor is to alert drivers when their brake pads are low. This is done by emitting a high pitched squeak when the wear sensor rubs against your rotor. When your brakes start squeaking, you still have a good amount of brake pad left. In fact, most wear sensors are designed to alert you when you have approximately 30% of the pad’s original width still remaining. Consequently, you will not need to run directly to the repair shop to have this work done. However, you should schedule this maintenance as soon as possible. If you fail to replace your brake pads after they start squeaking, this squeaking will eventually stop and be replaced by a grinding noise. If this happens, you have worked your way through the brake pad and are now damaging the rotor. This can greatly increase the cost of repairs and can make it extremely difficult to stop your vehicle safely. Therefore, you will need to get your brakes replaced before you reach this point. Look For The Dust If your brake pads are severely worn, brake dust will likely coat the inside of your tire each time you brake. This dust can be black, gold, or brown in color depending upon the brand of brake pads you are using. Unfortunately, far too many vehicle owners will dismiss this dust as nothing more than dirt when inspecting their vehicle. If ever you are unsure about whether your tires are just dirty or are covered in brake dust, simply wipe the tire with a clean rag and then pump your brakes a few times. If the issue is your brake pads, the tires will once again have evidence of brake dust on them. If the tires remain clean, the substance you spotted was likely dirt  that was picked up during your travels. Another good indication that you’re dealing with brake dust rather than dirt is that only one or two of your tires are soiled while the other remain clean. To have your brakes repaired, contact a shop such as Auto Team Car Care Center...

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The Best Reasons To Keep Up Scheduled Motorcycle Maintenance

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Owning a motorcycle means you have the responsibility of ensuring your bike in is good working condition at all times. Several aspects of motorcycle care include those you provide for increasing safer riding. Maintenance also helps you to save money by avoiding more expensive problems. Storing Away Your Bike For Winter If you do not ride your motorcycle during the winter, properly storing it is essential for you to ride it the following spring. Draining the fuel tank before storing your bike is important to avoid engine problems in the spring. If you try to crank a bike that has stale fuel in it, the trash and contamination in the fuel can cause the carburetor to become clogged. The carburetor is necessary for your fuel system to function properly. Chain Lubrication Can Save Your Life If you don’t maintain chain lubrication on your motorcycle, the chain could break and cause you to have a serious accident. The chain is a vital part of your bike’s drive train; if it locks up or breaks, you have greater chances of losing control of the bike. If you worry about your chain, visiting an experienced motorcycle mechanic is a good idea. Tire Blowouts On Motorcycles Can Be Deadly Never leave your bike parked on asphalt during long term storage. The petrochemicals in asphalt can cause the rubber in your tires to break down and dry rot. The last thing you need is a blowout while riding your motorcycle because of dry rotted tire material. Park your bike on plastic sheeting to minimize your tires long term exposure to asphalt chemicals. Doing so will help you avoid the need for new tires in the spring. Remember also to store your bike in a place that is easy to provide temperature and light control as well.     Cleaning Up Your Bike Keeping the parts on your bike free of dirt and debris is extremely important. The grit in sand and dirt can wear away engine parts if left unchecked. Anytime you get your bike dirty, especially on those days you get caught in the rain, be sure to take the time to thoroughly wash it before parking it. Making cleaning a regular part of your bike care can help you to avoid more expensive repairs in the future.         Nothing compares to the feeling of being out on the open road on your bike, especially when it is running at optimum performance levels. By taking time to inspect and provide regular maintenance repairs, you can look forward to riding your bike for many years to come instead of making one expensive repair after another while it sits parked. For more information, contact a motorcycle repair shop like Naples...

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The Benefits Of Trading In Your Old Vehicle For A New One

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Are you thinking about buying a new car? If so, you may have some concerns about getting approved for an auto loan or having to put down a large down payment. Well, to improve your car buying experience, you may want to consider shopping from a dealer that offers trade-in deals. This can improve your car buying experience tremendously, as trading in your current used car will help you by: Eliminating Down Payment Requirements: Finding a dealership that offers trade-in deals can help you avoid the need of saving up for a down payment. This is because a dealer that accepts trade-ins will use the value of your trade-in vehicle as your down payment. This can help improve your car buying experience, as you do not have to deal with the financial burden of paying a large sum of money at once for your new vehicle. Reducing Your Loan Amount: Not only will a trade-in deal help you avoid a down payment, but if your car is worth a great deal of money, the loan amount you will need can be reduced, as the value of your trade-in will be subtracted by the total balance of your new vehicle. This may help you obtain a better auto loan, with a lower interest rate and a longer pay off length, which can definitely make your new car purchase more affordable. Avoiding The Hassle of Selling Your Used Car: When buying a new car, why should you be stuck trying to sell your old one? With a trade-in deal, not only will you have the cost of your new car purchase reduced, but you will also find it much easier to trade in your vehicle than deal with the hassle of having to sell it on your own. So, before you consider listing your car for sale, definitely take advantage of a trade-in deal if you no longer have a need for your old, used vehicle. This will make your car buying experience much easier and less stressful, so you can focus on driving your new vehicle and worry less about selling your old one. With these benefits, you will find it much easier to buy your next car, which is definitely a reason to take advantage of these tips. So, before you go out and visit your local car dealership, make sure that you seek a dealer that will take in your used car as a trade-in...

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