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Best Way to Purchase a Vehicle Using Bad Credit Auto Financing

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According to the Small Farmer’s Research Center at Alabama A&M University, there are two major credit scoring models that most lenders use to determine whether you have great, good, or bad credit. The FICO score ranges from 300 to 850, while the VantageScore falls between 501 and 990. Should your lender determine that your score falls under the bad credit category, you’ll need to locate an auto dealer who provides bad credit auto financing in order to get the car you need to get around.  Buy Here, Pay Here Start your search for a vehicle by locating dealerships in your area that advertise as “Buy Here, Pay Here.” These companies finance the cars themselves, so there’s no need to go through a bank that has stricter lending standards. The employees are able to offer bad credit auto financing to their customers, and often times can set up a weekly or monthly pay schedule that fits your budget.  Pay Stubs If you have a good job and you can show that from your pay stubs, call around to find a private dealer that is willing to work with you. Some dealers will want to see one month’s worth of pay stubs, while others requires as many as three months. Instead of your credit score, the dealer will then use your current income to come up with the bad credit auto financing package. Based on what you can afford for a vehicle, the dealer will show you which cars match your budget.  Tax Refunds Another way to obtain bad credit auto financing is to use your tax refund. There are two ways to do this. First, you can cash your refund check when it arrives and use this as a down payment for the car you want, which reduces the amount of money you’ll need to finance, making it more likely that you’ll get approved. Second, there are some private dealers that are willing to accept a tax refund check that has been signed over to them. Again, the overall balance for the vehicle would be reduced so that you wouldn’t have to get approved for much financing.  Accept a Larger Interest Rate It is still possible to purchase a car at a larger dealership if you are willing to accept the bigger interest rate that comes with the lender’s bad credit auto financing. You may be paying more in the long run, but depending on your situation, this may actually be worth it. You won’t be losing out on money because you don’t have transportation to get to and from work. You’ll be able to earn a living and make all of your car payments.  For more tips on how to finance a car when you have bad credit, talk to a dealer like Pine Grove Auto...

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In The Market For A Used Car? 3 Tips To Get You The Best Car For Your Money

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When it comes to buying a car, you can save a lot of money by choosing used over new. While you might not get the new car smell when you buy a used car, you will get the benefit of knowing that you got a quality car for less money. This is particularly true when you take the time to do your homework before you head out to the dealerships. Buying a car before you’re prepared is like going to the grocery store when you’re hungry. You’re going to come home with something, but it might not have been what you were looking for.  Being prepared in advance will reduce the stress and headaches associated with car shopping. Here are just three suggestions that will help you get the best car for your money. Identify Your Price Range Before you head to the dealership, it’s important that you know exactly how much car you can afford. This doesn’t mean just the cost of the car. Sit down and work out a budget for the actual cost of the car you want – including taxes, licensing, insurance and maintenance costs. Knowing how much car your budget can handle will prevent you from going overboard and choosing a car that you simply can’t afford. Limit Your Search When you get to the dealership, you’re going to be faced with a wide variety of cars. Some of them might not be what you’re looking for. While you’re still in the planning phase, take the time to research the type of cars you’d be interested in. For instance, if you need something that seats at least six people, you know you won’t want to look at five-seaters. This should also go for makes of automobiles. The narrower you keep your search, the easier it will be for you to find the car you want. Know What You’re Buying Buying a car is a big investment. You want to make sure that you’re getting the most reliable car for your money. Before you choose a car, make sure you know what you’re buying. Have the dealership provide you with a detailed description of the cars history, including title, accident, and salvage history. Now that it’s time to buy a used car, make sure you do your homework before you start looking. The tips provided here will ensure that you get a good car that will suit your specific needs. For more information, contact companies like Woody Sander...

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5 Steps To Take Before You Sell Your First Used Car

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If you are getting ready to sell your first used car as a private party seller, there are a few steps that you need to take to ensure that you get the price that you want for you and you sell your vehicle quickly. #1 Plan For The Sale Period To Be Long Although you will hopefully be able to sell your used car quickly, it helps to be prepared for a longer sale period. When you feel like you have to sell your old car so that you are not paying two car loans at the same time, you put extra pressure on yourself. You may scare away buyers who are willing to pay your purchase price who are leery of why you want to get rid of your vehicle so fast. You may end up accepting a lower offer than if you had put less pressure on yourself and on potential buyers. Give yourself time to sell your vehicle, and budget for potentially paying on insurance for two vehicles at a time or paying two car payments for one billing cycle. That way you will not be harmed financially if you don’t sell your vehicle quickly. #2 Add Fluids To Your Vehicle Before you put your vehicle up for sale, change the oil and transmission fluid, and make sure that the brake fluid levels are full as well. Be sure to also top off the washer fluid. Many potential buyers will want to pop open the hood of your vehicle to check the fluid levels themselves; adding fluid to your vehicle and making sure that everything is filled correctly will help ensure that your vehicle looks good under the hood when potential buyers check. #3 Repair Your Vehicle If the check engine light is illuminated on your dashboard, take your vehicle in and figure out why it is lit up. If you can afford it, invest in fixing the issue before you put the car up for sale. If you leave the check engine light illuminated, potential buyers are more likely going to want to try and bargain to get a lower price on the vehicle to account for the immediate repairs that the vehicle is going to need. Used car buyers expect to have to pay for repairs, but no one really wants to purchase a vehicle that they are going to have to drop money on immediately. #4 Get A Vehicle History Report Run a vehicle history report on your own vehicle. This report will show all the maintenance and work that has been done on your vehicle by licensed dealers and it will show your vehicle’s ownership history. When potential buyers want more information about the ownership history and maintenance record, you’ll be able to easily provide them with more information. #5 Deep Clean Your Vehicle Finally, if you really want to get a great price for your vehicle, it is vital that you deep clean your vehicle. Start by removing all personal effects from your vehicle and only keep the essential items you really need inside of your vehicle, such as an ice scraper or sun shades for the windshield. Take your vehicle to a professional detailer; they will be able to clean your vehicle so thoroughly it will look brand new. They...

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Should You Get A Cosigner For Your Auto Loan?

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If your current vehicle is on its last legs but you have some recent hits to your credit and aren’t sure you can qualify for an auto loan, you may be wondering if you have any options short of taking out a high-interest loan from a buy-here-pay-here dealership. Fortunately, there are several options available that can get you into a new vehicle without costing you an arm and a leg in interest payments, including having a credit-worthy friend, spouse, or family member cosign for your new auto. Read on to learn more about some of the advantages and disadvantages of getting an auto loan with a cosigner, as well as some of your other options when it comes to getting a loan for your next vehicle. What should you consider before taking out an auto loan with a cosigner?  For those whose own credit has some dents and dings but who have a parent, grandparent, spouse, adult sibling, or friend willing to cosign an auto loan, low interest rates may be achievable. By cosigning, the other person takes on joint legal liability for this debt — meaning if you stop paying on the loan, the bank has the right to go after your cosigner for payment, even if you’re listed as the principal borrower. This means you’ll need to carefully evaluate the affordability of your potential auto loan, as the cosigner will be risking his or her good credit to vouch for your ability to pay, and you’ll want to avoid causing him or her to regret this decision. You’ll also want to make sure having a cosigner will lower your interest rate enough to make it worthwhile. In most cases, even those with poor credit will qualify for some type of loan (albeit perhaps one with a high interest rate), so having a cosigner with good credit should be enough to lower your interest rate to close to where it would be if you had perfect credit yourself. What are some other options when it comes to financing your next vehicle? If cosigning isn’t an option, you may want to consider a cash-out refinance of your home. This is usually accomplished even with bad credit (as long as you have some equity in your home) and mortgage interest rates are still low enough that it’s likely you’ll be able to reduce your interest rate so that your payment remains unchanged. You’ll then have some cash in your pocket to help your negotiating...

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2 Types Of Trailers To Consider For Hauling Your ATV

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One of the hardest parts about having an ATV is transporting it to those areas where you are allowed to use it, mostly because an ATV can be too large and heavy to easily load into the back of a truck. However, there are a number of different trailer options that can help you easily and securely transport your ATV for a fun day out or for a trip, such as the two listed below. Covered Trailers One of the best options available to you is a covered trailer because it can not only help you get your ATV to its destination, but it can do so while also protecting your ATV in a number of ways. For example, transporting your ATV in a covered trailer is ideal for long trips where you may need to leave the trailer unattended while you are in a hotel room or eating because it can hide the ATV from sight. This will lower the odds of a vandal attempting to damage the ATV or a thief stealing it.  In addition, a covered trailer is essential for protecting your ATV from the elements. While an ATV is designed to be durable and can handle getting dirty quite easily, there are still components of the ATV that are not covered that you do not want to have exposed to the rain for long periods of time as they can short out or rust.  Toy Hauler Another option to consider when looking for a way to transport your ATV is a toy hauler, particularly if you want to take your ATV on a long camping trip. A toy hauler is a trailer or RV that has a bay installed in the back of it that allows you to securely park your ATV.  In addition to being able to transport your ATV, this option will often have all of the amenities of a nice RV. The inclusion of a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and other amenities will allow you and your family to be perfectly comfortable on your trip while also providing you with easy access to your ATV whenever you decide to go for a fun drive around the area.  Visit your local trailer or camper dealership today in order to look at the many models that are available for transporting an ATV safely and securely. Covered trailers can protect your ATV from vandals, thieves, and the elements while a toy hauler can transport your ATV while also providing living accommodations for long road trips or camping excursions. Contact a company like Ace Trailer Sales to get started...

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Expanding Your Transit Market Through Small Town Investment

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How far does your budget take you? Do your bus routes bring in the same amount of fare every month, or are you looking at rises and drops as people’s budgets drop. It’s easy to get comfortable or stuck in a rut, but every owner or independent operator needs to take the time to look out of the paperwork shuffle and into opportunities abroad. Take a look at a few ways to drum up new business by expanding without putting major strain on what you’ve got going on now when you go to buy used MCI buses. Rural And Small Town Growth Although the story of the American economy in 2016 has been filled with ups, downs and conflicting information, it’s much easier to get economic outlooks for specific cities, towns and rural area growth.  It’s hard for a small town to get off its feet without some outside help. Aside from brand new townships splitting off from existing, bustling cities, many small towns either lack industry powerhouses or are suffering from brain drain as bright and successful residents leave for other areas of opportunity. Every once in a while, a great success will bloom in these small towns. You need to be around to drive them to work! If a town doesn’t have an existing transit system, there’s a lot of lessons to learn and mistakes to make as a newbie. Instead, you should come in with your expertise and lay the groundwork for a transit system that you can work with. Although a town government and its residents certainly should have a say as to how transportation works–and it’s their desired destinations that pay your way–this is a chance to influence road changes, fares and the transportation culture of an entire area. City Planning Can Be Your Game Scout for local talent and look for any shortcuts. If the town isn’t very developed, this is a good time to plant a seed for transportation paths that can get your drivers to as many fares and destinations as possible. Although this isn’t an immediate plan, your long-term game will be to make sure that every election cycle of town government has your business needs in mind. Unless your planned path goes through a historical area, you won’t run into any resistance outside of the city being able to afford the construction. Even better, having a hand in the construction means that you’re involved in putting a small town’s population to work. Are there any nearby wealthy clients? Consider expanding your bus service to include transportation options. In addition to the standard bus line, you could buy used MCI buses to provide more comfortable features for those willing to spend more. Multiple tiers of luxury are available, from the wealthiest in the area in need of a group trip to senior citizen trips to town events that travel abroad. Survey your state. Perform your own growth research and ask state governments for towns that are growing an in need of transportation service, and even reach across state lines to broaden your opportunities. Contact an MCI transportation professional to add their inventory to your blossoming...

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Avoid These Five Driving Mistakes That Can Decrease Gas Mileage

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When you’re in the market for a new Toyota or other vehicle, finding a model with a high gas mileage offers a huge advantage. Efficient vehicles are less expensive to drive and leave you feeling more responsible when it comes to doing your part to protect the environment and reduce pollution. However, many drivers are reducing their vehicle’s gas mileage every day without realizing it. The following are five mistakes that you might be making that could undermine all the effort you’ve put into finding a vehicle with a high gas mileage: Neglecting maintenance Many routine maintenance tasks like oil changes and tire replacements have a huge impact on vehicle efficiency. If you neglect maintenance, your engine will have to work harder to get your vehicle going. This will inevitably lead to higher-than-necessary fuel consumption. Leaving unnecessary luggage and other items in your vehicle Any extra weight in your vehicle will detract from gas mileage. If you’re leaving heavy items in your car and driving around with them, you’re unnecessarily reducing the efficiency of your vehicle. Remember that the gas mileage given for your vehicle assumes that you are not carrying any excessive loads. Empty out your car after every trip to make sure you’re always getting the best possible fuel economy for your vehicle model.  Idling your vehicle unnecessarily If you’re driving in the winter time, it’s a good idea to give your vehicle a few minutes to heat up before you get going. However, be careful not to overdo it. While your vehicle idles, it consumes gas. In fact, a vehicle consumes the same amount of gas when it idles for two minutes that it consumes when it drives one mile. Turn your engine off rather than leaving your car idling for an excessively long period of time to avoid wasting gas.  Sitting in traffic If you want to maximize gas efficiency in your vehicle, you might want to put a little more thought into the routes you’re taking. By planning things out so that you avoid sitting in traffic, you’ll get better gas mileage. Your engine continues to run and consume gas while you sit in traffic. If you avoid sitting in traffic, you’ll avoid consuming gas unnecessarily and you’ll maximize your gas mileage.  Driving too fast Every vehicle has a particular optimal speed at which it consumes fuel most efficiently. As a general rule, this optimal speed is between 55 and 60 miles per hour. This means that you’re probably getting a lower gas mileage if you’re frequently traveling at faster speeds. Pay attention to your speedometer and slow down if you want to get the most mileage out of your vehicle’s gas...

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Signs Your Brakes Should Be Inspected

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You should have your brakes inspected regularly. The Car Care Council has deemed the month of August annually as Brake Safety Awareness Month. That is such a great reminder to keep all vehicles up to par and keep the highways safer. During that time of year when cold weather is emerging, and schools are beginning the fall session, is a perfect time for awareness. Here are some of the warning signs you will notice when it is time for the repair shop. Signs Light Noise Grabbing Hard Pedal Low Pedal Pulling Vibration Brake Pads Inspect the thickness of the brake pads that will push down on the rotors to know when they begin to wear thin. You will see a metal rotor inside the wheel spokes where the metal caliper is located. The pad will be found between the rotor and the caliper. If the pads are less than ¼ inch, it is recommended to have them changed. You may need to remove the tire to check the pads on some vehicles. The rotor should be smooth without any pits or grooves. Noise The sensor will produce a severe grinding sound to indicate you have used all of the brake pad. The calipers are crunching against the rotor’s metal. You can further damage the rotor, and may also have difficulty stopping the car. It is advised to replace the pads before it becomes essential to resurface the rotor from damages. Pulling A brake hose may be collapsed if you experience pulling of the brakes because the calipers may not be able to move evenly. Also, you may not have even brake pads. This can cause unequal pressure on different wheels. It may also be poor alignment, worn/inflated tires, or a suspension problem. Pedal Issues If the pedal goes to the floor, there might be a brake fluid line leaking or air in the line. Check this by placing cardboard under the vehicle overnight to see if there is a leak. The fluid should appear clear. If the brake grabs with even the minor touch, the fluid may have some moisture in it causing contamination. It may be a good idea to have the fluid changed. It is an inexpensive procedure, but it may eliminate the problem. These are some of the issues you may experience if it is time for the brakes to be inspected. It is always safer to spend the money on maintenance instead of having problems that may cause injury to you or other drivers on the highway. To learn more, speak with a business like Benchmark Motors...

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4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Car

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Being able to get where you need to will require you to have the vehicle you can rely on driving. This can be a significant expense, so you may want to consider getting a used car. The benefits of doing so will include saving money each month on your payment. Knowing specific things to consider before making a large purchase of this type can be helpful to you.   Set a Budget It’s important to stick to the allotted amount of money you have in your budget for a used car. Doing so will help you avoid getting a payment that is simply too high for you to make and could cause you to be too low on money when it comes to other items you must have. Studies indicate that you should consider making at least a 20% down payment for a used car. This will be beneficial for keeping your monthly payments within reach, as well. Get a report When you purchase a used car, you can get a report on the history of this vehicle. This will allow you to know who the previous owners may have been and the actual miles on the car. Additionally, if the car is involved in an accident, this will be listed in the report. It’s important to know if a car has ever been declared a total loss and then restored because this could impact the condition of the vehicle. Go for a drive Regardless of how good a car looks, you will want to ensure it offers you a smooth ride. Take the time to drive a vehicle before making the purchase to help you make the best individual decision. Additionally, be sure to take the car to a mechanic for a thorough inspection. This can help you find any expensive problems that must be addressed before buying it. Consider financing There are various places you can choose for financing your used car. Shopping around can help you secure the lowest interest rate, and this will save you money in the long-term. Inquire about rates at your bank or credit union and compare these to what is offered through your dealership for the lowest one. Having a used car, you can depend on to get around town is ideal for numerous reasons. Be sure to consult with your used car dealership to assist you in finding the ideal one to meet your individual...

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Find Your Own Path, Skip The Minivan

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Many couples want to have children and grow their family, but they don’t want to get stuck with a minivan. The cultural associations with that vehicle just rub them the wrong way. Minivans are beneficial because they can hold seven to eight people. However, you can also seat seven people in a large mid-size car such as a Nissan Pathfinder, found at places like Western Avenue Nissan. Learning the ins and outs of a certain make and model will help you make and informed decision about whether the Pathfinder is the right car for you. Check out the following features that will allow the Pathfinder to grow with your family. Hitch and Towing Capability Start off by making sure that you get a hitch on your Pathfinder. This SUV is able to tow up to 5,000 pounds. But it can’t do that towing if it doesn’t have a hitch. If the hitch is not already on the car then get the dealership to install a Class III hitch as part of the purchase negotiation. Hitches that fall into Class I or Class II are not going to be strong enough for your vehicle.  Once you have your hitch on your car you can load up your bikes and go to the local bike trail with your family. Or you can install a storage container on the back for long road trips across the country. You can even pull a trailer when you move from your apartment to your first home. Try the Seats Make sure that you try out all three rows of seats in the Pathfinder. The front two rows are extremely comfortable for adults, but you may want to try out the third row to make sure it meets your expectations. The Pathfinder does have the benefit of a sliding second row. You simply push a button to move the second row forward, allowing easier access to the third row without compromising on seating space. The second row will still be able to slide forward when a car seat is attached using the LATCH system. You won’t have to pull the car seat out of the car in order for your older children to get in the back row.  Top of the Line Safety Features come Standard One of the most reassuring features to many parents is the backup camera. Too many parents have nightmares of accidentally running over a child that snuck out of the house to say good-bye to Mommy or Daddy. The backup camera gives you peace of mind because you can see everything that is behind you. Usually you would expect to have to pay extra or get a top-of-the-line model in order to have the backup camera, but it comes standard in all Pathfinder...

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