Tips for Taking Your Jeep Off-road for the First Time

Taking your car off-road can be an exciting way to spend an afternoon, but many people have never had the pleasure of taking their Jeep off road before. Considering that these vehicles were originally designed to be off-road vehicles, it should be no surprise that this is a common desire for many Jeep owners. However, if you have never done this before, there is a strong chance that you should follow these two tips to help ensure you avoid getting your vehicle stuck in an isolated area. 

Test Your Car on Inclines

Many new off-road drivers are poor at judging whether their car can make it up a particular incline. This is easily understandable given that your vehicle's traction will be heavily degraded by being on rough soil. As a result, if you are not careful, it is easy to get your car stuck between two hills, and it can be very expensive to have the car freed from this predicament. 

To help avoid this problem, you should take your car to an easily accessible area that will allow you to practice driving the car up and down off-road hills. If you do not have a suitable area for this on your property, there are many different off roading parks that will allow you to do this for a small fee. 

Consider Installing a Winch

While practicing going up hills can help you avoid getting trapped, it is still possible for your car to become trapped in mud or loose sand. When this happens, there may be almost no way for you to manually free the car. However, you can avoid this routine problem by adding a winch to your Jeep. 

A winch is a special pulley chain that is attached to the front of the vehicle. If you get stuck, you can tie one end of chain to a nearby station object and use the pulley to move the car out of the problem area. While this may seem excessive, it can save you from having to pay for an expensive off-road towing service. 

Taking your Jeep off roading is something that you may have always wanted to do. However, driving off of the pavement is a vastly different experience than driving on pavement. If you were unsure of this because you want to avoid problems, following these two simple tips can help you ensure that your experience going off road is as enjoyable and problem-free as possible. For more information, contact Expressway Dodge