Signs Your Brakes Should Be Inspected

You should have your brakes inspected regularly. The Car Care Council has deemed the month of August annually as Brake Safety Awareness Month. That is such a great reminder to keep all vehicles up to par and keep the highways safer. During that time of year when cold weather is emerging, and schools are beginning the fall session, is a perfect time for awareness. Here are some of the warning signs you will notice when it is time for the repair shop.


  • Light
  • Noise
  • Grabbing
  • Hard Pedal
  • Low Pedal
  • Pulling
  • Vibration

Brake Pads

Inspect the thickness of the brake pads that will push down on the rotors to know when they begin to wear thin. You will see a metal rotor inside the wheel spokes where the metal caliper is located. The pad will be found between the rotor and the caliper. If the pads are less than ¼ inch, it is recommended to have them changed. You may need to remove the tire to check the pads on some vehicles. The rotor should be smooth without any pits or grooves.


The sensor will produce a severe grinding sound to indicate you have used all of the brake pad. The calipers are crunching against the rotor's metal. You can further damage the rotor, and may also have difficulty stopping the car. It is advised to replace the pads before it becomes essential to resurface the rotor from damages.


A brake hose may be collapsed if you experience pulling of the brakes because the calipers may not be able to move evenly. Also, you may not have even brake pads. This can cause unequal pressure on different wheels. It may also be poor alignment, worn/inflated tires, or a suspension problem.

Pedal Issues

If the pedal goes to the floor, there might be a brake fluid line leaking or air in the line. Check this by placing cardboard under the vehicle overnight to see if there is a leak. The fluid should appear clear.

If the brake grabs with even the minor touch, the fluid may have some moisture in it causing contamination. It may be a good idea to have the fluid changed. It is an inexpensive procedure, but it may eliminate the problem.

These are some of the issues you may experience if it is time for the brakes to be inspected. It is always safer to spend the money on maintenance instead of having problems that may cause injury to you or other drivers on the highway. To learn more, speak with a business like Benchmark Motors Inc.