Expanding Your Transit Market Through Small Town Investment

How far does your budget take you? Do your bus routes bring in the same amount of fare every month, or are you looking at rises and drops as people's budgets drop. It's easy to get comfortable or stuck in a rut, but every owner or independent operator needs to take the time to look out of the paperwork shuffle and into opportunities abroad. Take a look at a few ways to drum up new business by expanding without putting major strain on what you've got going on now when you go to buy used MCI buses.

Rural And Small Town Growth

Although the story of the American economy in 2016 has been filled with ups, downs and conflicting information, it's much easier to get economic outlooks for specific cities, towns and rural area growth. 

It's hard for a small town to get off its feet without some outside help. Aside from brand new townships splitting off from existing, bustling cities, many small towns either lack industry powerhouses or are suffering from brain drain as bright and successful residents leave for other areas of opportunity. Every once in a while, a great success will bloom in these small towns. You need to be around to drive them to work!

If a town doesn't have an existing transit system, there's a lot of lessons to learn and mistakes to make as a newbie. Instead, you should come in with your expertise and lay the groundwork for a transit system that you can work with. Although a town government and its residents certainly should have a say as to how transportation works--and it's their desired destinations that pay your way--this is a chance to influence road changes, fares and the transportation culture of an entire area.

City Planning Can Be Your Game

Scout for local talent and look for any shortcuts. If the town isn't very developed, this is a good time to plant a seed for transportation paths that can get your drivers to as many fares and destinations as possible.

Although this isn't an immediate plan, your long-term game will be to make sure that every election cycle of town government has your business needs in mind. Unless your planned path goes through a historical area, you won't run into any resistance outside of the city being able to afford the construction. Even better, having a hand in the construction means that you're involved in putting a small town's population to work.

Are there any nearby wealthy clients? Consider expanding your bus service to include transportation options. In addition to the standard bus line, you could buy used MCI buses to provide more comfortable features for those willing to spend more. Multiple tiers of luxury are available, from the wealthiest in the area in need of a group trip to senior citizen trips to town events that travel abroad.

Survey your state. Perform your own growth research and ask state governments for towns that are growing an in need of transportation service, and even reach across state lines to broaden your opportunities. Contact an MCI transportation professional to add their inventory to your blossoming plan.