4 Brake Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car Out Of The Shop And Reduce Tire Wear

If you want to keep your car out of the shop, brake maintenance is essential. Routine maintenance like changing the brake pads and fluid will help to ensure your brakes do not fail and need costly repairs. Here are some brake maintenance tips to help keep your car out of the repair shop and reduce tire wear:

1. Keeping Brake Parts Clean and Free of Dust That Can Cause Problems

The dust and debris that builds up on brake parts can cause serious issues and wear. Therefore, you want to make sure that you keep brake parts clean to reduce wear and unforeseen repairs. Routinely cleaning brake parts will also allow you to inspect the brake system and catch any problems that need to be fixed before they lead to costlier repairs or brake failure.

2. Inspecting Pads for Wear and Having Them Changed When Needed

The best thing that you can do to avoid problems with your brakes is changing the pads routinely. You want to inspect your brake pads for wear and have them changed before they wear down to the metal and cause damage to rotors. Changing your brake pads when needed will help ensure brake wear does not cause serious damage to the brake system and failure of components that can be costly to repair.

3. Routine Bleeding of Brake System and Changing Brake Fluid for Better Performance

Bleeding the brake system of your car is the process of removing the air from the lines. On the calipers of brakes, there is a bleeder valve that can be opened to allow air out of the system. Since brakes are a type of hydraulic mechanical system, removing air from the lines improves performance and will prevent problems. In addition, in some climates, you may want to change the brake fluid for better performance in different weather conditions, such as using a thinner fluid in colder winter climates.

4. Alignments and Tire Balancing to Prevent Brake Damage and Tire Wear

Another maintenance task that needs to be done to prevent brake wear is an alignment. Poor alignments affect tire wear and can cause uneven wear of brakes, which may lead to serious problems. Make sure to do routine alignments and balance your tires to reduce uneven wear of brake parts and the treads of tires.

These are some brake maintenance tips that will help keep your car out of the shop and reduce tire wear. If you need a new car, contact a certified pre-owned Kia dealer, and schedule routine maintenance to ensure your brakes do not have any problems.