Why A Mini Truck Is Better Than An All-Terrain Vehicle For Getting Around Your Property

People who own large properties will often buy off-road capable vehicles that they can use to get around the property. Whether your land is primarily forested, consists mainly of fields, or includes a combination of the two, having a vehicle that is capable of navigating rugged terrain will allow you to get where you need to go quickly. For many people, the obvious choice is an all-terrain vehicle, but it's not the only option to consider. If you want to try something different, consider a Japanese mini truck. Here are some reasons that this vehicle can work better than an ATV in this application.

More Carrying Space

When you need a vehicle to drive around your property, you won't merely be sightseeing. Rather, you'll often be tackling different projects in different areas. In many cases, you'll need to transport specific tools and supplies to where you'll be working. For example, if you're replacing some fence posts, you'll need to carry new posts, an auger, bags of cement, and jugs of water. A Japanese mini truck has far more carrying space than an ATV, thanks to its truck bed. With an ATV, you'd likely need to take multiple trips to the work area.

Shelter From The Elements

Japanese mini trucks have cabs, and while they're smaller in size than North American trucks, they offer many of the same perks that a standard pickup truck has. When you need to get around your property, you'll appreciate how a mini truck can provide shelter from the elements. If it's hot, the cab of the truck will provide shade. If it's raining or snowy, you'll appreciate staying dry. While some ATVs have roofs, they generally have plenty of openings around where you sit. This means that you may find yourself unnecessarily exposed to the elements while using this type of vehicle.

Ability To Drive On The Street

Another benefit of choosing a Japanese mini truck over an ATV is that as long as you get your mini truck licensed, you'll be able to drive it on the street when there's a need. In many states, you can drive an ATV on certain roads, but you may feel unsafe while sharing the road with other vehicles because you don't have a seat belt. Not only will you feel safer on the road in a mini truck than on an ATV, but there are other advantages. For example, if you need to buy some supplies for a job on your property, you can do so with the truck and then travel across your property right to the worksite.