What To Do Before You Start Your Test Drive

One of the most important parts of the car buying experience is the test drive. It is when you can actually get behind the wheel of a vehicle that you're interested in and determine if it is right for you. However, there are plenty of things that you should do before you put the vehicle in drive and get on the road. Make sure to do the following things before you start your test drive. 

Make Sure You Can Sit Comfortably 

While you may be eager to get out onto the road, the test drive starts before you even move the vehicle out of park. Make sure that you are sitting comfortably in the vehicle by making adjustments to everything. This will be the vehicle you potentially buy, and you want to make sure that it fits your body type. Can you get the seat to the proper height? Can you easily see all the mirrors? These are the type of things that can make a big difference.

Get Familiar With The Dashboard

You will also want to start learning what all of the dashboard buttons do so that you are not learning while driving. Try using the radio, temperature controls, windshield wipers, and anything else that you typically use while driving. This will allow you to focus on the road if you suddenly need to use them later.

Connect Your Phone

Many vehicles these days are equipped with features that connect to your smartphone. It's important to give these a try since you'll likely be using this on a daily basis. Having compatibility issues can turn into a big frustration after you purchase the car and potentially discover the vehicle doesn't work as you thought it would.

Sit In The Back Seat

While you will be spending the majority of your time in the driver's seat, it's important to sit in the back seat too. See how comfortable it is going to be for other passengers, since you may discover it feels roomy or way too cramped for your comfort level. You may decide that the comfort of the back seat eliminates a car immediately as a potential candidate. 

These are just a few of the things that you should do prior to your test drive. For more tips on what else you should be looking for, reach out to an auto dealer like a Nissan dealership for assistance.